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Ashia C. Wilson

I am a Lister Brothers Career Development Assistant Professor at MIT. My interests span several topics in optimization, statistics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Recently, however, my lab's research has been focused on developing methods that help to (1) align AI with social goals and (2) increase the efficiency of AI systems. Here is a list of some information about me (CV, Publications, Contact) Short Bio: I obtained my B.A. from Harvard with a concentration in applied mathematics and a minor in philosophy, and my Ph.D.  from UC Berkeley in statistics. Before joining MIT, I held a postdoctoral position in the machine learning and statistics group at Microsoft Research.  ​​



  • 6.401 - Introduction to Data Science and Statistics (Spring 2021)

  • 6.036 - Introduction to Machine Learning (Spring 2022, Spring 2023)

  • 6.3950 - AI, Decision Making and Society (Fall 2022, Fall 2023)


Selected Publications & Working Papers

​Aligning AI with Social Goals 

  • What is a Fair Diffusion Model? Designing Generative Text-To-Image Models to Incorporate  Various Worldviews  

​       Joint with Zoe D. Simone, Angie Boggust, and Arvind Satyanarayan. 2023.

        Under Review

        [arXiv, code]


  • Algorithmic Pluralism: A Structural Approach To Equal Opportunity

        Joint with Shomik Jain, Vinith Suriyakumar, and Kathleen Creel. 2023.

        Conference on Equity and Access in Algorithms, Mechanisms, and Optimization (EAAMO). 2023. 



  • Algorithms that Approximate Data Removal: New Results and Limitations   

        Joint with Vinith Suriyakumar

        Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS). 2022.

        [arXiv,  code] 

Scientific foundations of AI

  • Accelerated Stochastic Optimization Methods under Quasar-convexity 

        Joint with Qiang Fu, Dongchu Xu​

        International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML). 2023.

        [arXiv, code

  • Sufficient conditions for non-asymptotic convergence of Riemannian optimisation methods

        Joint with Vishwak Srinivasan

        OPTML Workshop, Neurips (Spotlight). 2022.



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