I will be joining the  MIT  faculty in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as an assistant professor, and the Laboratory for Information & Decisions Systems  as a faculty PI in 2021. I obtained my B.A. (2011) from Harvard with a concentration in applied mathematics and a minor in philosophy, and my Ph.D. (2018) from UC Berkeley in statistics. Before joining MIT, I held a postdoctoral position in the machine learning and statistics group at Microsoft Research. My Ph.D. advisors were Ben Recht and Mike Jordan.  

My research focuses on the methodological foundations and theory of various topics in machine learning and statistics. I am interested in  developing frameworks for algorithmic assessment and providing rigorous guarantees for algorithmic performance. Here is a list of some information about me [CV, Google Scholar, Contact] 


Recent News




I am co-organizing a NeurIPS workshop on Consequential Decisions in Dynamic Environments and a Simons workshop on Geometric Methods in Optimization and Sampling to be held in 2021.

I will be visiting the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing at Heidelberg University.